About Dr. Ann Schiebert

Dr. Ann Schiebert

Dr. Schiebert is a psychologist in the Emergency Department (ED) at the medical center of one of the country’s most respected major HMO’s. There, she evaluates for safety, determines types of treatments, assesses capacity and cognitive impairment, and provides feedback and support for families of patients in the ED. In addition, Dr. Schiebert also works in the medical center’s Chemical Dependency Department where she treats patients challenged by trauma, chemical dependency, codependency and dual diagnosis.

Ann has an excellent success rate in helping families turn their situations around, and she is highly sought after for her work. She finds it rewarding to facilitate patients in discovering their wonderful, authentic selves, and getting them back to a healthy mindset. Another of Dr. Schiebert’s area of expertise is helping people in unhappy romantic relationships investigate how they got in their current situation, how to reconsider the “path to romance,” and how to create happier long-term relationships.

Her teaching experience pertaining to Clinical Skills and Psychopathology during graduate school gave Ann an ability to interact with a variety of audiences and to be comfortable doing so. As a psychologist, she uses this “gift” to teach groups of between thirty and forty patients on the topics of communication, how to work a program of recovery and healthy relationships.

She is also a member of “Who’s Who in America”.

Ann has penned a series of books titled Let’s Make a Contract. She has three in the series thus far, having to do with getting teens through substance abuse, getting them through high school, and the forthcoming title for adults, getting through unhappy romantic relationships. She’s been up close and personal to all of those matters in her own life. If she were a member of a tribe, her special role would be healer, and rightfully so.

In her spare time Ann enjoys traveling to Europe. She lives in the Bay Area with her husband, her two ragamuffin kittens, Biscuit and Teddy, and her fifteen-year-old Maine Coon, Murphy. She is the mother of three adult children.