Reality Distortion Systems – Part 2

unsure woman

Example of life in a Reality Distortion System:


dad’s relatives – many addicts

alcoholic dad mom’s relatives – marry addicts

codependent mom

3 children

It is extremely difficult and uncomfortable to get one’s self out of a Psychological Reality …

Reality Distortion Systems – Part 1


What is a Reality Distortion System?  It is a belief system that supports denial. One’s life is organized around the Reality Distortion Field (RDS) and this serves to cement perception distortion into one’s entire vision of what is true, and …

Reality Distortion Systems – Summary

man in car

Just to summarize this paradigm, the basis for an RDS (Reality Distortion Systems) is denial.  The denial is embedded in a system which contains thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and interpersonal dynamics that encapsulate those who are members of the RDS.  When …

Life Is Like an Airplane Ride


Life is like an airplane ride. You board the plane, and you don’t know what’s going to happen.  You don’t know if you are REALLY going to your destination, or if there will be a detour or unexpected lay over, …

The Prison of the Mind


In the deepest basement of our being is the prison of the mind.  In it are all the outdated cassette tapes that we keep listening to.  All the cruel things ever said to us are stored here. It is a …

Invited Criticism


How can one safely provide feedback when asked for it?  We all know the usual outcome for the set up question:  “Honey, do I look fat in this dress?”  If, “yes,” is your honest opinion, and you and the person …

Uninvited Criticism


Just what is criticism, and why do others think they have the right to make uninvited critical statements? This is a mystery! "I hate your purse because it looks like a shoe! I would never buy such a thing." or, …