A Values Story


In the previous blog, I noted that knowing each other’s values and having like definitions as to how we define each value is probably the most important conversation to be had in any type of relationship. Without having like values, …

Values You Hold in a Relationship

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Values are the basic beliefs that guide or motivate your attitudes or actions. They help you to determine what is important to you. And they describe the personal qualities you choose to exemplify: the sort of person you want to …

Valentine’s Day 2019

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Tomorrow is the beginning of February. In no time at all, it will be Valentine’s Day. Yes, I’m aware that many of us consider this “day of romance” as one that was created by Hallmark Cards. I was thinking about …

Thinking About Intimacy

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What is INTIMACY? So many people struggle with this in their relationships. Just what keeps us from being intimate in how we converse with each other? What are the masks we wear to keep others from knowing our real selves, …

Let’s Make a Contract Introduction

Let's Make a Contract Book Series

I’m Dr. Ann Schiebert, and I’ve been a trauma, chemical dependency, dual diagnosis and codependency therapist for over twenty years. With such a variety of treatment specialties, I have had the privilege of treating patients who have found themselves in …

5 Ways to Have a Love that Lasts

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  1. Base your decision-making about potential romantic relationships (PRR) on values, not just on chemistry. Research shows overwhelmingly that if you find someone with whom you share values you will have a strong foundation for a long-term romantic relationship. Have the