Doing an Excuse Inventory


First make a list of all the excuses you allow yourself.  Be specific.  For example, if you say to yourself, "I am a procrastinator," that is too large an area to tackle in an Excuse Inventory.  Excuse Inventories have to …

More Excuses


What are excuses?  They are reasons for not keeping commitments either to others or to one’s self.  Excuses create a lose/lose situation for everyone involved in a broken promise, and they evoke resentments. Excuses try to make right, the disappointment …



Every time you make a date with me
You are two hours late and I feel unimportant
Or something, “comes up,” so I feel second rate
Why do I keep putting up with this lack of caring
Why do I …

Reality Clarity Systems – Summary 6


Let’s review the remaining items on the way to Actualization –

1.  Accountability – This can be difficult because you will be pulled in two different directions for accountability – a) your RDS will want to hold you accountable for …