Bitterness, Part 3


Bitterness, Examining Item #6

#6. What do I need to work on?

When thinking about the question, “What do I need to work on?” we can feel overwhelmed by negative self talk. “I’m such a looser, I need to work …

Bitterness, Part 2


Bitterness, Part 2

Now you have written all the events that have made you bitter, in one JAR. Now what? Select one topic. Write it down at the top of a piece of paper. Answer the following questions:

1. What …

Bitterness, Part 1



Ever find yourself just consumed with bitterness? Do you focus on wrongs done to you, or revenge? How do we get rid of this?

Bitterness will eat you alive – from the inside. Our bitterness does not harm those …

Types of Intimate Relationships: Codependency


Types of Intimate Relationships


As we have said in previous posts, Codependency is the disease to please. While codependents think they want intimate relationships, those, “soul mate,” kind of relationships, what they actually, and unconsciously want, is to control …