Finding Love


Were you ever sure that there wasn’t someone for you? Have you looked far and wide and no one seemed like they could actually accept you for the person that you are, or their focus was on everything but you? …

Doing an Excuse Inventory


First make a list of all the excuses you allow yourself.  Be specific.  For example, if you say to yourself, "I am a procrastinator," that is too large an area to tackle in an Excuse Inventory.  Excuse Inventories have to …

More Excuses


What are excuses?  They are reasons for not keeping commitments either to others or to one’s self.  Excuses create a lose/lose situation for everyone involved in a broken promise, and they evoke resentments. Excuses try to make right, the disappointment …



Every time you make a date with me
You are two hours late and I feel unimportant
Or something, “comes up,” so I feel second rate
Why do I keep putting up with this lack of caring
Why do I …