The Marriage Divorce Intimacy Style, Part 4


Types of Intimate Relationships

The Marriage Divorce Intimacy Style, Part 4

What do you TALK about when you are with someone with whom you are developing a romantic interest? In your mind, consider the content of your conversations with others. …

What About Now?


As I sit in my lovely new home in Colorado Springs, I am tempted to think about the state of the world, the homeless and how to solve that problem, the crime I hear about in the nightly news, what’s …

The Cycle of Intimacy


There are many models about the cycle of intimacy. Let’s explore how the cycle of Intimacy works as a formula. 1. While we may have many acquaintances, we often feel alone. In our interpersonal relations, we begin to look for …

The Stages of Change

stages of change

The Stages of Change

Some of you may be familiar with Prochask’s Stages of Change model. If we are to really grasp the concepts of Reality Distortion and Reality Clarity Systems, we must be familiar with how people get ready …