Let’s Make a Contract: Getting Through Unhappy Romantic Relationships


Format: Print
Pages: 238
ISBN: 978-1-941713-75-4



Here is a one of a kind book that provides readers with a way to do an inventory that will explain to them how they get themselves into unhappy romantic relationships and why they stay in them. It delivers knowledge and offers tools with which to turn around their unhappy romantic relationship patterns. The book discusses how people “fall in love” chemically and obsessively and how they can become “intoxicated” by the “rush” to love. It addresses why many of us tend to disregard out values in favor of someone else’s and why we allow value violations. Contract template examples are made available so readers can create structure, establish boundaries, and address heir expectations in potential romantic relationships. The final chapter provides the reader with the researched components of healthy romantic relationships and offers ways to sustain them. This book provides a new guide for screening for healthy love relationships.

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