A New Technique for Starting to Heal Past Wounds, Part 3



A New Technique for Starting to Heal Past Wounds

Just About Resentments

Getting rid of the contents from a JAR is so important because otherwise, we are walking around in our present life, with a collection of heavy JARS from our past. What good does that do us? Over the years, I have seen patients who cannot let go of their resentments, who ruminate, and who develop psychosomatic problems, that stimulate over production of Adrenalin due to chronic anger. What happens is that they develop health problems and further harm their lives because their bitterness runs it. And the fact is, that the person they resent, isn’t suffering at all! Let’s think about this: “I resent what old so and so did to me, and therefore, I’m going to diminish my own life and potentially hurt my health!” That’s exactly what we do when we carry resentments.

Even those of us who have suffered grave abuses at the hands of others, must let go of detailed remembering because this can trigger a myriad of psychological challenges. We can develop anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, as well as other mental health issues. While we can’t help some of the thoughts that intrude, we can keep working to decrease their power. DO the JARS and JAGS exercises, and see how you do. Let me know!

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