Bitterness, Part 3


Bitterness, Examining Item #6

#6. What do I need to work on?

When thinking about the question, “What do I need to work on?” we can feel overwhelmed by negative self talk. “I’m such a looser, I need to work …

Bitterness, Part 2


Bitterness, Part 2

Now you have written all the events that have made you bitter, in one JAR. Now what? Select one topic. Write it down at the top of a piece of paper. Answer the following questions:

1. What …

Bitterness, Part 1



Ever find yourself just consumed with bitterness? Do you focus on wrongs done to you, or revenge? How do we get rid of this?

Bitterness will eat you alive – from the inside. Our bitterness does not harm those …