Bitterness, Part 1




Ever find yourself just consumed with bitterness? Do you focus on wrongs done to you, or revenge? How do we get rid of this?

Bitterness will eat you alive – from the inside. Our bitterness does not harm those who we resent. Our bitterness only harms us. We must rid ourselves of feelings of resentment or bitterness toward those who have wronged us. Does this mean that we forget? NO! It means that we let it go, and learn from the experience.

We can use JARS to contain our bitterness and resentments. Draw a BITTERNESS JAR. In in write the names of the people who have wronged you. Next to their names, write one word that describes what they did to you. For example, if we are resentful that our ex husband Bob, cheated, then in our JAR, we write, “Bob – cheated.” Do this for every person you resent. If your are resentful toward something other than a person, write that down. For example, “The Economy – job loss.” Put those in your Bitterness Jar also.

Next, draw a lid on the top of your JAR. Put your JAR in a safe, private place. Don’t look at it until next week!

Next post – working on bitterness and resentments

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