Getting Your Teen Past the Opioid Epidemic

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First, let me thank all of you who responded to my last newsletter about America’s Web Radio. I was pleased to gain three new guests for my Relationships Radio show. I am very grateful for everyone’s interest in our relationships to ourselves, to others, and to the world at large. 

To keep you up to date, my most recent book in the Let’s Make a Contract series is out and available on Amazon and at my website. It’s titled Getting Your Teen Past the Opioid Epidemic. This is an important topic in today’s culture, it’s important to me personally, and it’s also newsworthy. Newsworthy because finally we’re treating pharmaceutical executives responsible for fueling the opioid epidemic by recklessly and illegally distributing these drugs just as we would street-level drug dealers. The first CEO of a pharmaceutical company who has contributed to the opioid epidemic was recently convicted.

This crisis affected me in a very personal way. Eleven years ago, my son died of an opioid overdose. At the time, I was a top selling real estate agent in the Bay Area. This tragic incident caused me to quit real estate and become a psychologist, and today I work in the Emergency Department (ED) at one of the nation’s most prestigious HMO’s where I evaluate for safety, determine types of treatments, assess capacity and cognitive impairment, and provide feedback and support for families of patients in the ED.

I also work in the medical center’s Chemical Dependency Department where I treat patients challenged by trauma, chemical dependency, codependency and dual diagnosis. 

The opioid epidemic is central to much of the work I do. From brain chemistry to recovery intervention techniques, my new book exposes the relevant nuances of opioids and how they impact an individual and those around them. 

Here’s what one reader had to say.

“While Schiebert pulls no punches relating the frustrations of chemical addiction treatment, she spares us the typical gratuitous graphics of the opioid crisis, which are now public knowledge. She keeps us laser focused on process. As a parent experienced with tragedy herself, Dr. Schiebert’s ‘Lets Make a Contract” technique employs respect for self, the addict, and the treatment process. She shows how even where there is no cure there is always a course. A path for both the addicts and their caregivers to “own” their choices and, in turn, their consequences.”

If you or anyone you know are hoping to get in front of a budding problem or tackle a full-fledged existing problem involving opioids head on, Getting Your Teen Past the Opioid Epidemic is an invaluable resource. And even though the title of the book indicates teens and the opioid crisis, the book is applicable to adults as well.

Please share this resource with others who you think may benefit.

With warmest regards,

Dr. Ann Schiebert


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