How Important is Intimacy to YOU?



How Important is Intimacy to YOU?
Let’s Take a Test

Results will be published at a later date after data is analyzed. Submit your data through the comments section of this blog.

Rate these on a scale of 1 – 10: 1 indicates intimacy is not important at all; 10 indicates it is extremely important and vital to your relationship.

— The highest score you can get is 100.
— 75+% = prone to a healthy intimate relationship
— 50-75% = you would benefit from improving your intimacy skills
— Below 50% = reflect on what you need in your relationship to make it more intimate

  1. Emotional intimacy is at the heart of my relationship. ______
  2. Sexual intimacy is crucial to my relationship. _____
  3. Allowing my partner to see my vulnerability is vital in my relationship._____
  4. Viewing my partner as my, “safe place,” provides a foundation for me being emotionally intimate._____
  5. Being able to tell my partner anything without feeling judged, is a critical element to my intimate relationship._____
  6. Trusting my partner to be honest with me in a kind way enables me to open up more to emotional intimacy._____
  7. Feeling respected by my partner helps me be more authentic._____
  8. Feeling nurtured opens me to be more intimate with my partner._____
  9. Feeling heard and listened to helps me feel closer to my partner._____
  10. When I have made a mistake, being forgiven by my partner fosters feelings of love._____

Some of the elements of having a close, intimate union, are honor, trust, vulnerability, gratitude, forgiveness, and allowance for mistakes. It takes energy to create an intimate relationship, and it is often hard work to sustain one. It also takes sacrifice; if we are selfish, our partner will feel less valued. In an intimate relationship there has to be a, “we,” attitude.

See where do you fall on this intimacy scale.

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