I’m Not an Addict: Part 6



Types of Reality Distortion Systems

I’m Not an Addict cont’d

A Reality Distortion System

Beliefs in this RDS:

1. I am unique. I can drink/use and it won’t negatively impact my life.

2. No one will know. I can drink/use and act perfectly normal. No one will know I’m high/sedated.

3. People who don’t use/drink are square, or prudes or, “unkewl.” I like to party. So what, I don’t hurt anyone. I have to be in the, “kewl,” group and they all use/drink, so what does it matter?

4. I don’t drink/use that much. It may seem that one doesn’t drink/use all that much because he/she surrounds himself with people who also use and drink. That way, MY drinking looks normal.

5. It’s not fair so I need to drink/use. Going on a bender, smoke out, etc., helps me not dwell on that “bastard/bitch,” who treated me unfairly.

6. It’s not my fault. It’s your fault. It’s the boss’s fault.

7. Everyone else does it: I can smoke weed/drink/do drugs because everyone else does it.

8. I really like it, so it’s OK to use/drink because it’s fun. I like to party, so what?

9. One last blow out! Before I even consider treatment, I need one last parteeeeee! Again and again, and again.

10. My partner/spouse/mate is a nag. My spouse has turned into such a nag because I drink, a little.

11. The boss/friend/cop/relative is looking for every mistake I make. So I mess up now and then. Why pick on me?

12. I’m a victim. No one understands me.

13. I can’t help it. Bad things just come my way, so I drink/use to compensate. I can”t help that bad things come my way!

14. I can quit anytime I want! And in spite of behavior that indicates that this belief is absolutely not true, you still believe it!

There are many beliefs in this RDS. They are the glue that keeps us in the, “I’m not an addict,” Reality Distortion System. Without these beliefs, we wouldn’t be able to rationalize our drinking and drugging. Add more to this list for yourself, or send it in a comment.


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