Valentine’s Day 2019

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Tomorrow is the beginning of February. In no time at all, it will be Valentine’s Day. Yes, I’m aware that many of us consider this “day of romance” as one that was created by Hallmark Cards. I was thinking about that. I pondered why that would matter. I decided it had no influence on my decision to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I decided that sending a card would be nice, buying flowers would be thoughtful and perhaps delivering something sweet would be a way of acknowledging my caring for my friends and family. Then I concluded that a card, flowers or candy was so unoriginal. There was really no thought that made such tokens of caring very personal. So, here’s how my Valentine’s Day is going to be:

My husband loves a 5-minute back rub. He’s getting two on Valentine’s Day.

My best girlfriend enjoys meeting me at a coffee shop and having a Latte with me. I’m going to treat her.

Now, this will sound stupid to some, but I’m going to share it with you: My kitties love canned tuna. That will be their Valentine’s dinner.

I love going to the gym and getting on the Elliptical machine for 30 minutes. That is my Valentine’s Day gift to myself.

I have a few very special co-workers. It is a privilege to work with them. One likes to journal. She’s getting a journal with a red heart on it– she will love it. Another loves mint tea. I bought him a small box of imported mint tea. Yet another discovered his clock broke. Guess what he’s getting?

I have special little remembrances for my adult children. They read my blogs so – Susan and Greg there’s no information here for you!

My message to everyone this Valentine’s Day is in some small meaningful way, let people know you care about them. Think outside the box. Personalize what you give. Often, the gift of spending time is the one people appreciate the most.

Intimacy with others awaits a daily new creation. What will you create on Valentine’s Day? And the day after? And the day after that?

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