I Don’t Deserve: A Reality Distortion System, Part 2



Types of Reality Distortion Systems

To continue with the, "I don’t deserve," Reality Distortion System –

What to Resist:  Your friends and relatives are accustomed to having you feel you don’t deserve much.  They have trained you to feel you, "don’t deserve."  In fact, all the folks you may be close to, might share the, "I Don’t Deserve," reality distortion system.  Therefore, to move from here into a clarity system, you CANNOT depend on any of your friends or relatives to be an objective mirror as to your progress in moving out of this RDS.

It is imperative that you find people who are supportive of whatever your goal is.  If you want to attend college, for example, and all your friends and family have high school diplomas, chances are they will have difficulty understanding why you want to put yourself through four more years of education.  Where to find objective supports?  Search your location for experts who have reached the goal you would love to reach.  Contact them for advice.  Ask for a mentor(s).  This way you will have your own cheering section who will share with you the successes and possible pitfalls you might face.  You will have experts in your corner.  You will have experts, people who understand what you want to achieve and what you have to do to achieve it.

Beliefs in this RDS:  1.  I don’t have to do better than my family.  They’re doing, OK.  2.  It’s too hard to change my, "I don’t deserve" thinking.  3. I’m too lazy. 4.  It’s just a dream.  5.  I’ll do it later.  6.  I’d rather party with my friends.  7.  What’s wrong with just staying in my current job?

If you entertain this kind of thinking, you will stay right where you are….believing that you don’t deserve to self actualize, reach your goal, and be the person you want to be.

More Types of Reality Distortion Systems in upcoming posts.

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