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Ann Schiebert PortraitI’m Dr. Ann Schiebert, and I’ve been a trauma, chemical dependency, dual diagnosis and codependency therapist for over twenty years. With such a variety of treatment specialties, I have had the privilege of treating patients who have found themselves in an array of difficult situations. One day, while sitting in my office listening to a young woman tell about an event that happened between her and her boyfriend, it occurred to me that the root of unhappiness I hear about in therapy sessions is a lot about unhappy relationships—especially those romantic relationships that seemingly started out well and then evolved into a disharmonious and emotionally painful problem.

So here is the exciting news I’d like to share with you! It’s about a new book project in my “Let’s Make a Contract” series that’s very dear to my heart. Let’s Make a Contract: Getting Through Unhappy Romantic Relationships is for anyone who has found him- or herself on the bitter end of an unfortunate relationship or marriage and wants to know why it failed. Too many people have been on the romantic relationship cycle where they have found themselves heartbroken more often than not. This book will help them examine why they find themselves in unhappy romantic relationships, why they stay in them, and how to get out of them with dignity and integrity.

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I began my informal research by taking detailed romantic relationship histories with patients and discussing how they met their loved ones and how long they knew their partners before they got into a relationship. I researched how attraction and love are different. In my search for answers as to why we rush into romance and why so many of us suffer once we enter a romantic partnership, I learned that our “potential love radar” is influenced by family of origin issues, cognitive distortions, chemicals like oxytocin and an impaired belief system about how love should look. After voluminous research, I gained insight that I don’t think is often talked about. I discovered that all of the “love influences” are based on like values and expectations and it is these two ingredients that are the most important pieces for establishing happy romantic relationships. My expertise in the field has helped countless individuals of all ages align their core values for future healthy and happy relationships. Please explore my website drannschiebert.com to learn more.

Presently, I am honored to teach about relationship challenges at the medical center of one of the country’s most respected major HMO’s.

In other news, the first two books in the “Let’s Make a Contract” series are being updated, and new editions will be available soon. These titles deal with getting teens through substance abuse and getting teens through high school and beyond. From the cry of many readers of the substance abuse book, I’ve just written a fourth book in the series, Let’s Make a Contract: Getting Your Teen Past Opioid Epidemic. It is packed with almost everything one needs to know about how opioids affect teens’ developing bodies and minds. And it addresses the overwhelming challenges that parents face with this deadly epidemic.

Lets Make a Contract Vol 1 and Vol 2 book covers

Please stay tuned for further, occasional updates on my “Let’s Make a Contract” series. I promise not to inundate you. Most importantly, I want to thank all those who have implemented the preemptive parenting philosophy into their families. I hope the techniques presented in my first two books in the series are working for you. I will do my very best to reply to your questions via my website Contact Form or send an email to ann@drannschiebert.com


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