Shopping: Part 3



Types of Reality Distortion Systems

Shopping: Part 3

What to Resist:  When moving from the Shopping Reality Distortion System to a Shopping Reality Clarity System, one must know the lures that keep one involved with the shopping system.  It can be tricky to find one’s way out of one’s shopping practices because on the surface, they look like so much fun and like an enjoyment one can do with a variety of friends and relatives.  Before one begins the journey out of this RDS, make sure there is a written spending structure for the month.  It might look like the following:

Income = $2500.00 net per month

Expenses Amount Pay by
House payment $900.00  July 10 – automatic deduction
Home and car insurance. $200.00 July 10 – automatic deduction
Utilities: electric, gas, water, garbage $200.00 July 10
Car payment $425.00 July 10 – automatic deduction
Gasoline $125.00 July 10
Credit Cards $300.00 July 10

That leaves us with a balance of $325.00 per month of spendable cash.  Out of that we must budget for food and necessary sundries like cosmetics, dental care, medication, etc.  Once we look at our CASH disposable income, we might discover that there actually is very little room for spending on impulse purchases.  Also note, that the bills are paid on the same date each month.  When possible, automatic deductions are arranged.  This assists a shopper in not indulging in the thoughts that, “Oh, I can pay that next month.”

Resist deviating from the budget.  Resist agreeing to spur of the moment invitations for lunch and shopping.  Resist going to the stores for a time.  Remember, if shopping has become a problem, it is a behavioral addiction, and visiting our old shopping places will only serve to trigger our desires to purchase unnecessary merchandise.

Next post:  beliefs in this RDS.

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