What About Now?



As I sit in my lovely new home in Colorado Springs, I am tempted to think about the state of the world, the homeless and how to solve that problem, the crime I hear about in the nightly news, what’s going on in our public schools, and anything else that I find worrisome. Then I ask myself the question, what good does worry do? It doesn’t do a thing except cause an adrenaline rush that leads to more anxiety.

In the distance is a parkway full of cars with people in them who are driving who knows where. Somehow, by watching the cars go by, I know all is well around me. As I bring my view closer to my home, I notice the flowers that are enjoying the cloud covered sun, the breeze gently moving the leaves of newly planted trees, and all the green and flowered life that populates my back yard.

I have a choice: I could worry and worry about issues I cannot solve, or I could stay with what is near and now. For the moment, I chose the now and the peace of the loveliness around me. I focus on the gratitude I have for a life, a profession I love, friends, and the goodness in the world. At 6:00 I will turn on the news so I will be aware of worldly challenges. I don’t like being ignorant, although there is something nice about not knowing the atrocities that happen around me. With that in mind, every day I make time for being in the “now,” and being grateful for the many gifts I have received. It is important to create a balance so our body will have a rest. Are you willing to create that for yourself?

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