Reality Clarity Systems – Summary 5




Actualization!  You have made it out of your RDS into your new Reality Clarity System!  That does not mean that there won’t be pulls back to the RDS, but you have done much work to actualize!

In this stage, you are solid within yourself.  You are clear that you cannot return to the RDS from whence you came.  You have a clearer vision of and understanding about the issues that those in your old RDS live with every day.  You respect yourself for all the growth you have done.

At the same time, you have empathy for those still living in their RDS.  You realize that without living in the chaos of the RDS, life is much easier and more enjoyable.  You don’t blame them for not wanting to leave their RDS because it looks so normal to them, and even if their needs aren’t being met, staying in a familiar RDS is certainly comfortable.

Humility becomes a way of life.  You realize that YOU could still be fighting the battles so often fought in your RDS…..fighting to keep the denial in place.  Many view their escape from their RDS as a miracle.  With this comes emotional mastery, wherein you can feel your array of emotions, but they don’t control you.  You can feel sadness and loss, but those emotions won’t lead you back to your RDS.  You are now able to somewhat detach from your emotions and feel them and identify them at the same time.

Responsibility – You keep up your recovery.  You stay in touch with your objective feedback supports.  Instead of being, "responsible," to the RDS and "responsible" for keeping it in place," you are now responsible for keeping your clarity and maintaining the freedom you have realized.

From the above accomplishments comes Accountability, Self-Confidence, Courage and having a Focus on the Whole.  These will be addressed in the next post.

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