Reality Clarity Systems – Summary 6



Let’s review the remaining items on the way to Actualization –

1.  Accountability – This can be difficult because you will be pulled in two different directions for accountability – a) your RDS will want to hold you accountable for your, "bad decisions," (in the opinion of those in the RDS) that led to you leaving your RDS;  and b) you will have established a new support system by now, and you will also be held accountable to them.  This can be such a challenge because at times, one can feel pulled from each direction.  But YOU know that the guidance from your new support system is the path you must follow in order to stay in your Reality Clarity System.

2.  Self-Confidence – Confidence in one’s self comes from practicing behaviors that get one the desired outcomes.  People leave their RDS because they aren’t happy, or have negative consequences for being in it.  On the road to a Reality Clarity System, we eventually notice that we feel better, that our new boundaries and new coping skills have led us to actually feeling better.  We have more serenity in our life.  We learn that our new approach to life gives us much more happiness and enjoyment than we derived from living in our RDS.  This does not mean that we still won’t have challenges by life’s ups and downs – we will just be more confident in our balanced approach to it.

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